Our Collective

Tikulirekuti Banda

Public health specialist who is passionate about bridging health systems gaps in Sub- Saharan Africa by fostering participation and learning of community members in the region.


Jo Zaremba

Blue Lemur founder, facilitator, adviser and community engagement guru applying participatory and systems approaches to addressing complex issues in low and middle income countries  through and with communities. 


Tina Puryear

Certified Professional Facilitator applying anti-oppressive and trauma informed approaches to foster inclusion, build and deepen collaborative processes, harvest and share learning, and enable co-production and participation of affected communities in decision making at all levels.


Sharon Truelove

30 years of GLOBAL cross disciplinary participatory programming, research and use focused evaluation and strategic review. Experience across the humanitarian relief, recovery and development continuum. 


Deb Ingersoll

Systems-focused strategist, facilitator, ICF-certified leadership, and team coach who brings humanity and design thinking into complex problem-solving and transformational development. Founder of Complexity Untangled.

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Virginia Delgado

Strategic brand, website, and layout designer, with a focus on accessibility and impactful user experiences. Founder of LionBox – Design Studio.

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Millie Vibert

Researcher, analyst and multidisciplinary thinker. Recent graduate from MSc Environmental Technology at Imperial College London.


Alexi Bernagros

Founder of Bernagros Consulting LLC designs, implements, and monitors economic inclusion programming adapted for vulnerable populations.  


Doda Szacki 

Multilingual consultant and analyst, certified MEAL professional, and cultural manager supporting organisations through research, project management and facilitation