The beauty about learning is that nobody can take it away from you”. –  B. B. King

Learning is a process – a life-long journey through which we assimilate experiences, find meaning, adapt and change and learn all over again.

BlueLemur accompanies and takes teams and projects on that journey through creating the spaces for reflection, insight and generating new approaches and transformative actions. Applying principles and approaches such as Theory U and Appreciative Inquiry, BlueLemur helps initiate an environment for creating awareness and presencing,  and moving into the unknown with curiosity and enthusiasm for more learning.

At Blue Lemur, we inspire others through facilitating workshops and producing materials.

Depending on the client’s needs, this may be a one-off workshop, or sometimes continuous development and support over a period of weeks and months.  

Perhaps you’ve identified a knowledge gap that you feel needs addressing, or maybe you’ve realised your team could do with some additional support in a specific area.

Working alongside our partners, BlueLemur can work to improve integration and ensure alignment across different teams. These processes can help build a culture that fosters growth, curiosity and improvement.

  • Designing and leading learning processes for strategy and programme development
  • Developing Theory of Change, stakeholder mapping and systems analysis
  • Producing guidelines, handbooks, toolkits and training materials

BlueLemur has supported the Wellcome Trust on learning journeys developing and implementing new innovative approaches to community engagement and participation in health research. 

Working across a number of countries we accompanied piloting of Responsive Dialogues and organised a Learning Event which led to recommendations for scaling up the approach and developing detailed guidelines on applying Responsive Dialogues in Low and Middle Income Country settings.

We have also been supporting Wellcome and partners in learning from a project examining transforming power dynamics in health research through place-based knowledge exchange with local communities.