Why BlueLemur?

Lemurs aren’t blue! So why BlueLemur?

Lemurs are symbolic of some of the most critical features of the planet earth’s systems. Lemurs symbolize the values of BlueLemur.

 They are endemic to Madagascar, highly adapted to very specific ecological niches which they inhabit. Most species are social, living in small groups and developing close social bonds. They are careful listeners and communicators. And many species of lemur are led by females. And to round it all off, Lemurs are flexible, friendly, and fun. Lemurs endangered status is an important indicator of the state of the environment and our planet. 

Conserving Lemurs is a matter of balancing and coordinating political, social, technological, economic, as well as environmental efforts to ensure that their habitats and thereby their food, shelter, security, and well-being are protected.

And blue? Life on earth depends on the planet which is blue. Everything is interdependent, and just like lemurs rely on the planet, we rely on species like lemurs to make up the amazing world we live in. 

How we can make this happen will take a lot of thinking out of the box – BlueLemur offers this rounded and innovative thinking through facilitating, enabling and empowering others to help build a sustainable world.

Global in thinking, local in experience, universal in thinking.