Research drives progress. At BlueLemur, we work with communities, stakeholders and partners to understand systems and complexities and unpack these to deliver meaningful insights, strategies and programmes. 

Alongside our partners based in-country, we offer specialist services facilitating research in often uncertain environments.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, our research methods are tailored to the needs of each individual client to deliver rigorous analysis and evaluation. Drawing on extensive experience of working in these contexts, BlueLemur has both the technical acumen and the practical know-how to work efficiently and effectively in complex settings.

  • Secondary research and meta-analyses
  • Field research in Lower and Middle Income Countries
  • Remote interviewing / group dialogues
  • Multi-stakeholder processes
  • Multi-sector market research (in development / humanitarian contexts)
  • Strategy evaluations
  • Programme assessments

An example area we have previously conducted research in is around markets.

Markets are ubiquitous – and understanding markets, the way they function, and how people interact with and within markets through complex relationships is key to finding solutions for lasting economic development, poverty reduction and addressing some of the leading challenges in the world including environmental conservation.

BlueLemur has carried out, advised on and supported facilitators of market systems analysis, market programme development and assessments of markets informing programmes such as poverty reduction, building livelihoods in displacement contexts and developing livelihoods for organisations such as CARE, Save, CRS, UNHCR, World Vision. Learning from research has been synthesised into guidelines, best practice and training on markets based approaches.